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Allan’s Total Roofing Service

ALLAN’S LONG RUN ROOFING IS A TOTAL ROOFING SERVICE. We manufacture and install Colorsteel long-run roofing, spouting and flashings. We also manufacture and supply Colorsteel roofing and roofing products for builders, plumbers and DIYers. Both options are supported by Allan’s Scaffolding, which means your roofing project will benefit from our seamless, total roofing service.

Don’t buy a roof until you talk to Allan’s. We offer a free quote, colour swatches and sample pack to help you make the right decision.

Advantages of Long Run Roofing

Colorsteel long-run roofing puts an attractive and hardy barrier between your home and the weather. A major benefit of long-run roofing is that each sheet runs from the top of your roof right down to the spouting. This is important because it means fewer seams in your roof and therefore fewer opportunities for leaks.
Another key advantage of long-run Colorsteel roofing is that it can be quicker to install than most other roofing systems. This means your home is exposed to the elements for a shorter period of time and there’s less disturbance to your normal routine.

Old roof before re roof installed by Allan's Long Run Roofing and Scaffolding
A new re roof installed by Allan's Long Run Roofing and Scaffolding

The roof of New Zealand

ALLAN’S LONG RUN ROOFING FABRICATES, SUPPLIES AND INSTALLS genuine New Zealand Steel products from its plant in Dunedin. Allan’s has a long-standing relationship with New Zealand Steel, offering you total peace-of-mind and a written 15 year warranty on materials.

COLORSTEEL prepainted steel has protected New Zealand for over 30 years. With proven performance and contemporary designer colours, COLORSTEEL is the smart choice when it comes to roofing and cladding homes and commercial buildings.

ZINCALUME and GALVSTEEL have unpainted metallic finishes formulated to give long service life in all New Zealand environments.

For more information about NZ Steel’s roofing products, visit the NZ Steel Website.

NZ Steel Colorsteel colour chart